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Sammie's Dog Cafe & Spa

Experienced, fear free and caring Dog Groomers

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We have a diverse range of products for doggies, from grooming equipment to fashion and of course, our own in-house dog bakery products including our Doggie Fudge.

Sammie's Dog Cafe & Spa

What We Offer

As in-demand Pet Groomers, we pride ourselves on working with you and your fur baby in a nurturing, fear free and gentle manner. We offer a full and comprehensive range of services and share your passion for high-quality care and professional service, for your fur family.

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Check out the video - click on the link above.

Regular dental care is important for dogs because just like humans, they are susceptible to dental problems such as plaque buildup, bad breath, and gum disease. Neglecting dental care can lead to tooth loss, infections, and even systemic health problems. Our teeth cleaning service is a great preventative health strategy for dental disease!

 It is important to consult with a veterinarian for proper dental care recommendations for your dog's specific needs, and on initial assessment, we may recommend this prior to a further service.

Dog Blower

Bath & Blow dry

All of our grooming services include a warm relaxing bath with the Melanie Newman salon essentials range followed by a pampering facial, blow and fluff dry, and a nail clip and file. Prices are a guide only and will depend on the size and weight of your dog as well as their coat condition and behaviour.

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Styled haircut

We offer three different types of haircut: 

Stylish haircut: you choose the style

Teddy bear: a soft fluffy haircut making your dog look like a teddy bear

Breed specific: This is when your dog is styled to the breed standard. Hand stripping is also available on request.


Face and Feet

Our face and feet service includes trim and style of your dog’s face, feet and hygiene area. We will then clean the hair from the paw pads and sanitary area, then style your doggie’s face and feet. This is a great option for in between haircuts and for in the colder months. Spoil your dog with a beautiful tidy up!

Enjoying the Brush

De-shed and style (including double coated)

This service includes our Double Coat De-Shed service followed by the trimming of your dog’s fringes of the belly, chest, legs and pants, hygiene clip and feet tidy. 
This service is perfect for double coated breeds such as Huskies, Border Collies, Pomeranians. It’s also great for dogs that shed and other double coated breeds that need a little more attention than a simple bath and blow dry. 
This service includes a bath using specialised shampoo to ease the release of the undercoat, a special  blowout to remove any dead and loose undercoat, followed by a blow dry and thorough brush. We recommend a de-shed every month to keep your dog’s coat in great condition and to prevent matting of the undercoat, which will help ensure they can insulate themselves properly.

Hungry Dog

Beach Babe Haircut

Our beach babe haircut comes in three lengths, is easy to maintain and is great for the beach. Recommended every 4-8 weeks.

Combing the Fur

Luxury Spa Package

Calming – Lavender bath soak, lavender charcoal body scrub, chamomile facial and head massage and coconut paw treatment.
Healthy Skin – Ayurveda Herb Soak with full body massage followed by Nagayu CO2 Spa and Coconut Oil paw treatment.
well in advance.


Platinum Pooch Upgrade

The platinum pooch upgrade can be added onto any one of our grooming services, and includes additional time to be pampered with a luxury facial, body scrub and hydration creams applied to their paws and nose.

Two French Bulldogs

Puppy Package

1st visit: beauty bath and fluff dry
2nd visit: face and feet styling 
3rd visit: styled haircut. 
Package includes a brush for your puppy to take home that suits their coat and coat conditioning spray to help keep the knots away!
First appointment must be made between 16-20 weeks then each appointment 4 weeks after.


Add Ons

Probiotic Facial

Treat your dog with this pampering facial. This service deeply cleans your dog’s face whilst promoting skin health.

It includes a facial massage and is especially good for Bulldogs and other breeds that tend to get tear stains and dirty beards.

Can help reduce bad odour. $5-10. 

Lavender Charcoal Body Scrub

Available to add to any grooming service, this charcoal scrub naturally removes toxins from your dog’s coat with activated charcoal without damaging the natural oils in the coat. $5-20.

Japanese Nagayu Co2 Spa Treatment

A revolutionary treatment for skin and coat, $10.

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Located on Sullivans Road, we're at the back of Moonee Marketplace.

2B Moonee Beach Road


0401 179 499

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Trimming the Fur

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients' Humans Are Saying

EXCELLENT! Our dogs Tilly n Lucy double coat wash, nails n general foot trim. Best ever service. Recommend plus... Plus... Plus!

Michele C

Very friendly atmosphere, they pampered my princess and she left squeaky clean. Highly recommend coming here. Can't wait to see how Sammies grows.

Cheyenne R

Very warm and friendly experience from the team at Sammies pet groomers today - most refreshing. Our fur baby girls looked a treat when we collected her. TKU all and wish you every success - your talent and skill is evident upon our first visit.

Deanna T.

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